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Did You Know?

  • Did you know that based on the DfE’s own figures there are 59 schools holding unspent balances of over £1,000,000, 8 Schools holding unspent balances of over £2,000,000 and one school holding a balance of £3,435,454, in this case with no committed plans for its use?
  • Did you know that the Coalition Government is clearing the way for schools and academies to be run and operated by private sector providers who will be able to take a profit from the public funds allocated to schools?
  • Did you know that academies are almost wholly independent of Local Councils and that they are only answerable to the Secretary of State for their decisions on how they spend public money, what their curriculum is for their pupils, what they can charge parents extra for, and who is allowed to attend them?
  • Did you know that the budget schools have for running repairs for buildings was cut in 2011 to 1/10 of what it was in 2010 and that the school building programme to replace worn out buildings was cut in half?
  • Did you know that many schools are now using unqualified staff for lengthy periods of time when a teacher is absent rather than qualified supply teachers to save money?